Secure payment - Cennatoio Inter Vineas

Secure payment - Cennatoio Inter Vineas

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Secure payment

Our Secure Payment

Today, many sites, such as Cennatoio, take the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt financial information sent over the Internet and make more reliable payment procedures.

Using Visa / Mastercard / Paypal

When you buy on the Internet, make sure your data is protected. If you pay with PayPal you can feel comfortable: Only provide your email address and, at the time of your financial information are not shown to the seller.

Choose strong passwordsWhen you open an account online

Choose strong passwords. Make sure that the password length is not less than 8 characters, avoid using generic words and remember that combinations that contain numbers, letters and symbols are the most reliable. If you have more than one online account password is different for each of them and change them from time to time.