Cennatoio Avorio - Cennatoio Inter Vineas

Cennatoio Avorio - Cennatoio Inter Vineas


Cennatoio Avorio

Cennatoio Avorio
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Chianti Classico DOCG 750ml

Perfect accompaniment to Tuscan cured meats, fresh pasta dishes, ribollita soup. Ideal match with grilled meats and cheeses

95% Sangiovese
5% Colorino


12 months


4 months


Alcool 13% media Vol.


Colore: Ruby red with purple tones

Profumo: Intensely fruity with wild berry notes. Hints of spices, subtle and harmonious with the right alcohol perception

Gusto: Initially tannic, it gets soft and warm, velvety with fresh and fruity hints of visciola cherry and red fruits

Price and order: 12,20 € tax incl.