Grappa Invecchiata - Cennatoio Inter Vineas

Grappa Invecchiata - Cennatoio Inter Vineas


Grappa Invecchiata

Grappa Invecchiata
Ti piace? Dillo ai tuoi amici!

Grappa da Vinacce di Sangiovese 500ml

Digestive to drink at the end of the meal

95% Sangiovese
5% Colorino


Immediate distillation and bottling


1 week


Alcool 43% Vol.


Color: Amber-coloured.

Perfume: Intense and aromatic, complex, pervasive and delicate, with great character

Taste: Soft, warm and balanced sweet taste. Rich and pervasive, with “silky”,consistency which remains in the mouth also after the tasting.

Price and order: 17,08 € tax incl.