Occhio di Pernice - Cennatoio Inter Vineas

Occhio di Pernice - Cennatoio Inter Vineas


Occhio di Pernice

Occhio di Pernice
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Vinsanto Naturale di Caratello del Chianti Classico DOC 375ml

Excellent as meditative wine. Ideal with the classic “Cantuccini di Prato” (typical Florentine biscuits with almonds). Served cool, it perfectly matches with soft cheeses or with “crostini alla Fiorentina” (toasted bread).

100% Sangiovese


13 years


min. 6 months


Alcool 16%-17% media Vol.


Color: Deep rose colour characterized by dark orange tones

Perfume: Full-bodied, thick, alcoholic at first olfactory impact, right afterwards with notes of dried fruit, peach and apricot.

Taste: To the palate, it gives the same olfactory sensations. It’s a “clean” taste, characterized by the right balance between sweet and dry.

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